Simon's Cat Shaped Clock

Is it feeding time yet? Count down with a Simon's Cat shaped clock.

  • Measures: 32.5cm x 30.5cm
  • 12-hour clock

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Simon's Cat Shaped Clock - Simon's Cat Shop

Customer Reviews

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not impressed

This was my first order at this shop and it was a series of disappointments, from the lack of transparency regarding import charges at checkout, to the low quality of customer service, to the questionable quality of the product itself.

Import charges are something us international buyers have learned to expect and accepts. This is because retailers typically educate buyers by presenting AT CHECKOUT an estimate of the value of the import charges. I think it is only fair Simon's cat shop should adopt this practice, to help prospective buyers make an informed decision at the time of the purchase. Putting a generic note regarding import charges somewhere on a page on the website makes Simon's cat in some sense worse than a sellers on ebay (no disrespect intended to the latter).

Next, the speed with which I heard back from customer service regarding an inquiry I had made was very slow, compared to other retailers customer services teams. Due to the slow speed of customer service team, my request remained unsolved.

Lastly, the quality of the product itself did not meet my expectations. On the website, the clock is depicted in gray (gray cat, black contour, white background). The actual clock face is white. It would have been fair if they rendered the product true to colour. I understand that different monitors render colour differently, but this was white, so no colour issues here. Same colour of the cat (clock face) as the background would be a much truer depiction of this product.

I was also let down to realize that this clock is made of pressed cardboard - lots of sheets pressed together. This will have an impact on the clock's "life", and it limits quite a bit the range of places where this clock could be placed in a typical household. As such, I feel that this information should be included on the product description page.

All in all, what was supposed to be a pleasant experience (as I've been a Simon's cat fan for years now, and still am to a deg...

Awesome Simon’s Cat Clock

Love this clock! Put it on wall in my “cat” room where my cats spend a lot of time. Fits in nicely with my decor n the room. Easy to add battery and hang. Arrived quickly.

One’s great, two’s better!

Such a cute clock, I’ve ordered a second one! Love Simon’s cat! Fan for many years!



Excelente producto

Muy bonito